I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and my family moved to the United States when I was 12. We moved from a large city to a small island 30 miles out to sea. Following high school I went to UMass Amherst and earned a BS in Microbiology (with a minor in History). However, following graduation I had decided that I no longer wanted to spend all my time in a lab, hardly interacting with people, fortunately I had gotten an EMT-B while at UMass and found a job working as an ED Tech at Nantucket Cottage Hospital. From there it was on to nursing school at MUSC in Charleston, SC where the charm of the city and the more temperate weather convinced me to stay following graduation.


I was born in Springfield, Massachusetts and my family moved to Charleston, South Carolina when I was 12. While in school I was employed as a computer programmer, and by the time I was out of high school I had a full position as a software engineer/systems analyst. I enrolled in college but by the second week I realized it was not for me, and I haven’t looked back since. I am now a Senior Systems Analyst for Hagemeyer North America.

How we met

The short story is we met in person at a local hang out, started chatting and decided that we were both interested enough to keep chatting.

The proposal

Heather is somewhat accident prone and Travis decided to take advantage of that fact. (TF edit: not true, this was all planned waaay before she had her surgery) Following an unfortunate running accident in December 2012, the rock just jumped out into her path (that’s Travis’ story…) Heather twisted her ankle badly. After a couple of months of avoiding the dreaded S word, surgery, Heather finally had surgery on her ankle the day before the fourth of July and Heather and Travis’ one year anniversary. Travis was aware of the surgery date and stated it would not affect the plans for the anniversary.
So, on crutches, with a giant cast on her leg, non-weight bearing as well, Travis took Heather on a harbor cruise. During the long hop from the ticket office to the gangway Heather grumbled, during the long wait to get onto the gangway Heather grumbled, during the somewhat dicey hop from the gangway onto the boat Heather grumbled. She grumbled until she had been sitting down for several moments and had a chance to catch her breath and rest her aching hands.
The boat set sail through the harbor, dinner was served (fruit plate, salad, beef medallions and key lime pie) and then the boat anchored in the harbor to watch the fireworks. Throughout dinner Travis had not been his usual talkative self but rather somewhat nervous and this was evident in the stilted conversation (those that know Travis will be somewhat shocked by this but it’s true). Now however Travis wanted Heather to be able to watch the fireworks and helped move her chair, asked for the lights to be dimmed and whatnot. Of course, trying to watch fireworks from a floating and well lit dining room is hard. There was a kind steward that helped out though (and no he wasn’t in on the plan), the steward placed a chair at the stern of the boat for Heather to sit on and helped Heather and Travis move outside to watch the fireworks.
It was during the fireworks show that Travis made his move. With everyone else absorbed in the fireworks, he got Heather’s attention by telling her he had a question to ask. And then Travis got down on one knee, used Heather’s full name and asked her to marry him. And of course she said yes, otherwise there wouldn’t be this website or a wedding planned for August 31st, 2014. I mean, Heather was stuck on a boat in the middle of the Charleston Harbor on crutches and non-weight bearing to one of her legs; this meant she couldn’t run away, she had to say yes! Just kidding, she really does love the guy…
Later Heather found out that the sneak had asked her parents more than a month prior and her mom had secretly been creating a pinterest board for the wedding!